Vapour Pressure Deficit Monitor Support

Displays Leaf temp, Ambient temp, Rel humidity, VPD, dewpoint and CO2 (optional).

Quick reference guide. V1.1

Screen details

* Screen values refresh every 5 seconds

Installation steps

Place the VPDMonitor on a flat service, Preferably screwed onto a wall.

Use the the 2 diagonal keyholes on the side of the monitor.

Connect the blue cable between the sensor unit and the VPDMonitor. (pic 1)

Connect the power adapter to the VPDMonitor on the bottom side (pic 2)


If you want to turn the screen off simply press the pushbutton on the bottom of the unit 

In case of a start-up failure there is an option to reboot the entire unit. Use it only when all other options have been tried. Contact us if you have any doubts about rebooting!

When wifi is not available, or desirable there is an option to use the sd card slot. The sd card is not provided, we recommend that you use a sd card between 8 and 16 GB. Contact us if you have questions about the use of the sd card. The import of the sd card data will be in a downloadable guide soon.

Frequently asked questions / Trouble shooting

1. Nothing is visible on the screen, what to do?

Push the button on the bottom side of the VPDMonitor and this should turn on the screen.

My VPD monitor appears to be DOA (dead on arrival), how to fix it?

 1. (see above) 2. Check all wirings first. Make sure the adapter is plugged in the wall socket and the barrel connector is in the monitor 3. If all looks good, do a hard reset by gently pushing a paperclip in the pinhole slightly right of the power connector. This should reboot the device.

Can I turn off the display?

Yes, push the button on the bottom of the unit.

I see Satellite data error message on screen, what is happening??

See picture below.

This means the VPDMonitor is receiving data but it does not understand it…

First thing to do is disconnect the power cable for at least 10 seconds. And plug it back in and see if it boots up normally.

Second option try FAQ number 2.

(Third option is to open the sensor unit. PLease contact us so we can talk you through this)

And while the sensor is open connect the cable and press the little button right next to the cable connector for 2 seconds. Now you should see a red led above the blue rotary encoder blink a few times. Now you should see data again coming on the screen. Disconnect the sensor unit. Assemble it fully again. And connect as normal.

I accidentally connected my VPD unit to my wired network, what now?

No worries, the unit will be not be affected. Wire correctly and restart if necessary


Is the light from the VPD monitor disrupting my plants in the dark/night period?

 No, it will not disrupt your plants day-night rythm, but for the non-believers they can switch off the display by using the button on the bottom of the monitor

If you still have any doubts send us a message