Cannatrade fair 2019

After 3 exhausting days at the canna trade fair we are excited and happy with the reactions we received from colleagues, retailers and last but not least growers!

Cannatrade 2019 was our first exposure to the public, so we didn’t really know what to expect. It took a while before we could distinguish the difference between the Blowers and Growers. But through good observation and talking to different types of visitors we got better at it.

The best compliment we received was from a middle aged gentleman, after explaining to him the importance of VPD and how to act on VPD values. We talked about the plants metabolism, the uptake of nutrients and the best ways to humidify and de-humidify, he said the following:

Ah you just made my life so much easier…..
I wish I learned  about the importance of VPD a lot earlier!!

And I think in there lies an important task not only for us as manufacturers but also for retailers, to inform the public about the different aspects that are related to climate control in general and VPD in particular. Inform, educate and don’t be afraid to learn. A positive day and if you have any remarks, questions, complaints or tips, please let us know!!!