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About the infra red thermal sensor….2019-05-16T10:11:47+02:00

How does the VPD-monitor measure canopy temperature?

The sensor module has a built-in advanced infrared temperature sensor. If you hang the sensor-module 1 meter (3 feet) above the canopy, you will get the most accurate reading.

Can you measure VPD without leaf temperature?

To be honest?! NO! other vpdmonitors that do not measure leaf temperature are taking you for a fool. They use ambient temperature with a sensor that’s somewhere in-between the Canopy. But because of air circulation this method does not meet our standards…

Location, Location, Location…2019-05-13T18:34:38+02:00

Where and how to hang the sensor to get proper measurements?

Choose a location that represents your crop. That means somewhere where the height is average, the canopy is closed and not close to an air intake, heater or too close to a humidifier.

Always make sure to use enough circulation to ensure representable data. On the homepage you can find a document called “connecting the dots” In there you can find reading material about circulation and how it influences VPD.

Last but not least, make sure it doesn’t get wet! The PCB inside the sensor module is not water resistant! So if you have to spray your crops for whatever reason, cover the sensor module or replace it temporarily….

I have a VPD value now what?!2019-05-13T18:55:37+02:00

So you have followed our guidelines, and you see the importance of VPD. Now how are you going to turn these plant vitality readings into happy crops?

VPD value too low?
Assuming the temperature is meeting your setpoint, and the lighting is at an optimum height, the best way to raise the VPD value is too lower the humidity. Raising the temperature would be an alternative option if dehumidifying is not possible.

VPD value too high?
Your light fixtures are at the required height and the temperature is where it should? Nothing else to do than raise humidity! don’t be afraid to go towards 75% if you have to. The critical point is around 80% don’t go over or you risk fungi related trouble

My VPD value is too high in the daytime and too low at night. Now what?

Invest in proper, and I mean serious humidifying equipment for the daytime and de-humidifying equipment in the night time.Make sure they don’t both operate at the same time. Switch the humidifier for instance with lights and the de-humidifier with a heater. If you run an air-conditioned operation, de-humidifying should not be a problem…

Restrictions, technical or by design…2019-05-13T19:05:10+02:00

Can I extend the utp cable?

Yes, If you use cat5e cable, you can use up to 20 meters (7 feet) of cable.

I don’t get a reading, or strange signs appear on the screen

Make sure you use UTP cable as described above and check they are clean and properly fitted in their corresponding connectors. Finally reboot the display unit by turning the power on and off…. Yes it is that simple.

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