CO2 Monitor

The CO2 monitor is designed for indoor Air Quality Measurement. “Healthy building” code states CO2 levels below 800 ppm is good, between 800-1200 ppm the air needs more ventilation and above 1200 ppm immediate action is required. (For your regional health code requirements, check your local regulations)

Quick reference guide. V1.1

Installation steps

Place the Air quality monitor on a flat service, Preferably screwed onto a wall.

Use the the 2 diagonal keyholes on the side of the monitor.

Connect the power adapter to the input at the botttom of the unit.

Frequently asked questions

1. Can I turn off the display?

Yes, use the button on the bottom of the unit, you cannot turn off the indicative LED on the front because of safety.

Why is the LED green?

A green LED means that the CO2 values are below 800 ppm. The air is properly ventilated. No action required.

Why is the LED orange?

CO2 values are between 800 and 1200 ppm. Nothing to worry about, just make sure to open a window or turn up the ventilation.

Why is the LED red?

CO2 ppm levels are above 1200. Action is required, open a door or window. Turn up ventilation, and turn off any equipment that might raise CO2 levels, like a furnace or oven.

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