About Us

Our BlueClouds team is based in the Netherlands. We provide high quality equipment by integrating experience, creative sensibility and innovation in our products. By combining pragmatism, perfectionism and high technical standards in the design we are able to reach unique results.

We have been in the Industry since 1994 and besides monitoring plant health and climate related matters, we have been manufacturing several products related to plant health, lighting, and ventilation. Our technical team can solve front and backend related matters and make sure your data is safe, backed-up and always accessible.

Our professional and experienced team, with its diverse background and domain of expertise and over 20 years of experience, proves its ability to apply our technical knowledge by offering effective and distinctive solutions, meeting the needs of our customers. Our aim is to make a critical contribution to the best possible yield, which implies an understanding of the complex requirements of light, climate, and nutrients. We apply our knowledge, skills and passion to achieve simple, sensible and successful solutions.


In-house R&D

Innovative design

High quality materials

Proven quality & reliability

No hassle returns


Essential and high demand products are always in stock. We have customers in over 12 countries using horticultural lighting products.

Most palletized goods can be shipped the same day and will reach European destinations within 1-2 working days.

For the Americas we are looking for a distributor.



"Running a self-sufficient farm means you have to manage everything from start to finish. In hindsight I’m glad I’ve been persuaded to do a test with a VPD monitor and let the results speak for itself. From clone to finished product, we saw a massive difference in “plant happiness”, less use of fertilizers, and much better stress resistance. Our end product has improved considerably!”

Jimmy W.


"I’m not the type of Guy that believes in miracle products. Tell that stuff to the newbees. We run a professional operation for little over 5 years now. I believe in controlling, optimising and measuring all variables in my production facility. We’ve started using a VPD monitor about 10 months ago and it has proven to be a massive contributor to our plants’ health, stress resistance and yield, both in quality and in quantity. No other product has convinced me more of being indispensable. We optimised our irrigation sequence and lowered CO2 dosage while raising yield in both quantity and quality."