VPD & Growroom Monitor 

measuring plant vitality


“Growing under LED without understanding VPD,

is like driving a car without knowing

how to use the steering wheel”

This growroom monitor takes your grow to a whole new level…

Measure, Optimise, Control, Observe


What is VPD??

VPD stands for Vapor Pressure Deficit. It’s the ability of the plant to transpire, and is an indirect parameter of plant vitality…

VPD and Plant Stress

Plants absorb CO2 and evaporate water into the atmosphere via the leaf stomata. High VPD values will lead to tremendous stress and closing of the stomata resulting in less CO2 uptake

How to use it?!

VPD can be a useful tool for assessing the evaporation potential in the crop and for monitoring conditions that will lead to evaporation stress.


Although your light source is not a direct factor in your VPD equation, it can affect your reaction to correct your VPD value when its off….

Where under HPS you usually will experience high VPD you will need to use a humidifier to correct that in the daytime.


Under LED it’s more likely that you need a de-humidifier to boost up the evaporation rate and raise the temperature at night to maintain the correct VPD and prevent mould.


We have created a VPD monitoring device unlike any other.

The device consists of a display unit and a  “sensor module” which should be placed above the canopy.

True VPD means that the sensor  has a built-in leaf temperature sensor. No leaf temperature means no true VPD!  Now you can finally monitor the true VPD, ambient & leaf temperature, humidity, and dew point; all your plants’ vital signs.


Vapor Pressure Deficit equals Plant Vitality!!

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